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 Time@OfLove 16 Dezembro 2006

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Número de Mensagens : 1
Idade : 58
Localisation : 8700
Data de inscrição : 08/06/2006

MensagemAssunto: Time@OfLove 16 Dezembro 2006   Ter 12 Dez - 5:30

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Ver perfil do usuário http://www.freewebs.com/djdaquinta/

MensagemAssunto: Do you like to fly?   Dom 14 Jan - 4:14

Hi everybody. I wonder how do you prefer to travel: on planes, trains or cars? Just interesting. I like planes, I really cannot live without flying! And what about you?
Thanks for answers!
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MensagemAssunto: Blocbuster Video!   Ter 16 Jan - 20:34

Hello everybody. Have you seen new prices in Blockbuster Video? They are extremely low, and they even give a free trial. It's just a present for all the movie fans!
Don't miss it, guys! :)
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MensagemAssunto: ticketmaster alternative   Qui 25 Jan - 10:40

Hello! Is there a better seller of event tickets than ticketmaster?
I really need this info..Thanks :)
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MensagemAssunto: Somebody uses VoIP?   Ter 30 Jan - 12:43

Hello, everybody. I'd like to setup a VoIP system on my PC, but I'm not sure is it worth it? Maybe somebody could give me an advice or some links where I can learn more about this service? Here are some links that I've found, but they don't give enough information there Boombar Business VoIP VoIP Phone Systems VoIP for small business VoIP Phone Systems in USA
Thank you very much
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Time@OfLove 16 Dezembro 2006   

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Time@OfLove 16 Dezembro 2006
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