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 23/02/07: Mad Mystica: Z Man, Gaudium, Biotouch,.. @ Belgium

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Data de inscrição : 17/02/2007

MensagemAssunto: 23/02/07: Mad Mystica: Z Man, Gaudium, Biotouch,.. @ Belgium   Sab 17 Fev - 6:43


23.02.'07 @ Secret location near Antwerp

Madhatter and Unio Mystica have joined hands to present you a wonderfull night full of crispy progressive-, full-on-and plain-psychedelic trance, with not less than 4 live-acts!

Magnificent home cooked decoration and tasty visuals will spice things up.

Everybody is invited to come together, spread some happiness and dance the trance!

The first 200 visitors will be provided with an extra psychedelic dimension (surprise, surprise! Smile).




(Ajuca Productions - Sweden)

Z:Man is Jonas Bergvall from Sweden, a psytrance veteran. Jonas started producing...

...music in 1997, when he joined forces with Dennis Tapper and Jonas Pettersson and together they were 'Hux Flux'.

They produced many tracks together but just before the release of the first Hux Flux album 'Cryptic Crunch' on Koyote Records, Jonas Bergvall and Jonas Pettersson decided to leave this project, together with Johan Krafft and they then started a new project called 'Logic Bomb'.

The first Logic Bomb album called 'Headware' was released on Spiral Trax in 2000 and was an instant success. One of the first live performances was at the Boom Festival in Portugal in the year 2000 and after that followed a tour that took them to all the continents of the world.

They produced tracks for various labels (TIP World, 3D Vision, Solstice Music to name a few) and also did tracks for commercials and movies. In the late 2001 Jonas and the other guys in Logic Bomb decided to call it a day and they decieded to part ways to start work on their solo projects. Jonas however was still involved in the second Logic Bomb album 'Unlimited' released on TIP World and today Jonas is back working with Logic Bomb again and they are currently working on a new album.

Since then Jonas Bergvall has collaborated with Shaffel Records (Israeli), Turbo Trance (France), Ajuca and Liquid records (UK) and has been busy making tracks with numerous psytrance artists including Skazi, Tranan, Alternate Vision, S-Range and his younger brother Lars 'Artax' Bergvall.

Biotouch(Cristal Vision - Portugal)

João Marques and Ricardo Ferreira aka BioTouCh. Living in his hometown, Lisbon, they started listening to trance music since very early, and going to trance parties in 99/00. By the end of 2002, João started studying music, finishing now the Portuguese music conservatory (8th years). Ricardo is now a well know Portuguese dj, sound technician, executive producer and yoga teacher. So the musician meets the technician, leading them to develop their own style. They developed a very good production technique, based on a psychedelic environment with powerful basslines and morning melodies! Their talent didn't go unnoticed by some international labels, so they joined Cristal Vision Records from Italy.
One thing this 2 guys promise is presenting to the crowd a fabulous live act.
BioTouCh is already a talent in the Portuguese trance live act generation and going to release their track “melodychaos” on moondance records (Australia), “cosmic culture” on Enigmatic Sound records (Japan) and soon the Album on Cristal Vision Records (Italy).
Now becoming the rebirth of a new era in the international trance music scene, they enjoy big crowds as an important part of the live act.

(Dacru Records - Belgium)

Ephedrix are Jochem Peeters and Joris Marckx living in Mortsel, Belgium. They met as teenagers and since then music was all they ever talked about. Jochem started to play the drums at the age of 10 while Joris jammed the guitar. In 1997 they began to experiment with electronic (techno) music and in 1998 they appeared on stage for their first live act at a local party.
The first goa party they attended in 1999 made them slowly 'move' into psytrance.
Later on, often visiting goa parties, Jochem and Joris were completely inspired by the vibe of this crazy music and the atmosphere at these parties. After a while the minimal music was replaced by melodic trance with heavy rhythms.

And that's what Ephedrix is all about: psytrance with uplifting melodies, groovy percussion, crystal clear bass lines and a pumping sound. Their unique style was quickly picked up by various Belgian party organisations and now Ephedrix is a respected and popular live act in the Belgian scene. As residents in various party concepts they had the chance to play next to big acts and dj ..s like: Ticon, Silicon sound, Joti Sidhu, Space Buddha, Nomad, Dino Psaras, Bizzare contact, Vibe Tribe and many more..
At the end of 2005 Ephedrix joined the Dacru artists in their ..Avenida de Bélgica.. Mexico tour, spreading their sound all over Mexico with the New Years festival in Cancun and the Magic festival in Guadalajara as highlights. In these parties they were on the line-up with acts such as Pixel, Gataka, Chakra, Time Lock, Sesto Sento, Electrosun and many others.

After the tour Ephedrix decided to join the Dacru organisation (www.dacru.be) on a more definite basis. And as also their music keeps evolving 2006 could be their definite breakthrough with a lot of new gigs, international bookings and their first releases!

For 2007 they have only one goal: Finaly finish their debut ALBUM!
...more info verrrry soon...



Norion Vs. Ramses
(Unio Mystica Vs. Madhatter - Belgium)

My name is Geert. I play as DJ Norion. My first goa-party was back in 2000. At first I had to learn to enjoy the music, because I went to the parties because of the nice people and mystical atmosphere. These days I just can't stop listening to the music!
After 1.5 years I had so much music I wanted to something with it, so I started playing some records in 2002. Since then I played on many parties in Belgium. I really want to spin the decks all over the world because my goal is to let people dance in a peacefull, harmonical and rhytmic vibe!
My tatse of music is so wide I don't like to hold on to 1 particular style. I play all music there is, depending on the time when I have to play. My favorite time to play is at night. This, because I can play a little bit darker then. Morning time is also fun because you can lift the people to an uplifting trance.

My name is Ramses, and yes this is actually my real name. I began spinning decks at the age of 12 at the local youth club. There I learned my skills in the more commercial side of music. After 4 years, at an age of 16, I started listening to psychedelic trance and went to my first parties. It didn't take long before I fell in love with this amazing kind of music...

From then on, I evolved from the more commercial styles to this particular style. The first party I played was our very own first Madhatter blast in Gierle, 2002. Since then, I played at several parties in Belgium, Holland and The UK.

Together with Norion, we form a well-known DJ duo in the Belgian psy-trance scene.

(Unio Mystica - Belgium)

My name is DJ Joeri (21), I am one half of the dj duo "Strophoria". I attended my first Goa party in 1999. From that moment on, I was addicted to the music and vibe ot this sort of parties. It didn't took to long before I wanted to be more of an active part in the scene. I played my first party in 2002.
My style, when I started dj-ing was "heavy melodic oldschool trance". As the years went by I slowly changed my style into a more sophisticated, still very melodic style. However, I do have my darker needs sometimes. My favourite time to play is in the morning, when the sun rises. For a year now I am also making music. Give me a few years more and you'll hear from me for sure. Check it out !
My mission is to lift people int higher trance.

(Purple Snow Productions - Belgium)

Roscoe Deem has been interested in music for as long as he can remember. Growing up listening to artist like The Doors, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Paradise Lost... He slowly developed his own taste in music and switch to electronic dance music at age of 16. Attending big techno parties he realized what a big part of the course of his life would be!

His journey started out as a techno dj, where he mastered the skills needed to be a dj. After three years of playing raw pounding techno at established parties and playing beside artists like dj Rush, Claude Young and Marco Bailey his taste in music was changing and he looked for newer horizons!

He found the answers he was looking for in the more psychedelic and progressive scene to which he was introduced at the end of 2001. Playing in the scene for some time now, he managed to make a name for himself and played beside artist like Son Kite, Vibrasphere, Xibalba, Symphonix, Etnoscope, Haldolium, Bim, Alexander Ligowski, … !

Playing under three different aliases he has a very wide selection of new music combined with old classics... Having still a big hart for vinyl he flawlessly combines playing with vinyl and cd’s. With his skills and live effect editing he has been able to move crowds anywhere he plays!

Playing under the alias of R’Deem, he plays the finest of progressive trance… Promoting artists like Liquid soul, Son Kite, Ticon, …

Playing under the alias of Roscoe D. he plays groovy, deep psychedelic progressive and progressive house... Promoting artists like Vision & canedy, Criss Source, D-nox & Beckers, …

Playing under the alter ego of Deem-on, he plays powerful psy-trance with a touch of full on now and then. Morning and night sets are on Deem-on’s repertoire, promoting artists like Polaris, silicon sound, Indika, reflex, Black and white, pixel, wrecked machines, …

The variation of music he plays will depend on the chosen alias, the wishes of the promoter, time and people he plays for.

In the years that past he also founded the 'Purple Snow Productions' organization, a party concept that stands for underground music in Belgium!

R'Deem - Layers Sequences 003[/URL]


**Strings An Things**
(Madhatter, Belgium)

Strings an things is a coorporation of two friends, founded by Wilfried Rynders, the genius that combined different materials into a psychedelic revolution, concerning mind bending creations. Together with Manuel Pimenta this deco team will try to build a nice atmosphere.

The official launch is dated in February 23, 2007 @ Mad Mystica.
By visiting trance parties all around the world we became familiar with this brand of art. To reach the highest level we use materials to optimise the effect from within. The idea is building a -powerful energy dancefloor- by combining colours for day and night time. During night times this fluo 3D constructions are amazing..

Psychedelic decorations were originally made by people making them for their own stimulation, into a unique trance experience. These abstract geometrical figures are just one style of psychedelic art decorations. These figures will affect on youre neurological system and here will our creations find you.

Wonderfull homecooked decoration from the Madhatter decoteam.

http://www.deco.madhatter.be (just a preview)


A Dutch artist, to be announced soon.

More info about anything concerning this event, send mail to: manuglorix@madhatter.be

Tune in @ 22.00h, Drop out @ 12.00h

Fee: 13€

Flyers are flying.

More info:

More info to come... later... Hold on tight for a verrry groovedelic night![/CENTER]
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23/02/07: Mad Mystica: Z Man, Gaudium, Biotouch,.. @ Belgium
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