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 Benza: 'Copyright' album FOR FREE DOWNLOAD

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Número de Mensagens : 21
Data de inscrição : 23/04/2009

MensagemAssunto: Benza: 'Copyright' album FOR FREE DOWNLOAD   Sab 2 Maio - 18:58

It brings me great joy to tell you that "Copyright", the long-awaited, wildly-roumored and fairly quirky Benza pop-remix album is now available for free download. It's done and it's finished and it's just a click away!!

As you'll read in the liner notes accompanying the album, this is a collection of tunes Benza has produced and amassed over the last 6 or 7 years for purely his own idiosyncratic enjoyment.

Benza says: "As an avid pop listener, I've found it both inspiring and wildly entertaining to import the fruits of popular culture into the edge-skating world of psychedelic electronica. This album is all about fun. For those of you awaiting a new Benza album, I apologise. This isn't it. This a collection of tunes that i've been sitting on for a long time, but hold tight - the new record is coming and it's VERY nearly finished. A new sound, a new groove and, if i say so myself, some really, really good shit."

Thanks to Paul McCosh (a.k.a. Fractal Glider) for his magnificent work in mastering this album and to Dale Linegar for his constant work in maintaining the benzaonline.com website and creating the mechanics of this download.

Simply go to www.benzaonline.com/ click on the cover art, enter your email address after the link and it's all yours.


For bookings please contact Trancebookings: info@trancebookings.com



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Benza: 'Copyright' album FOR FREE DOWNLOAD
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