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 VA 4:20 by Pan Papason @ On The Move Music 04/09/09

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Número de Mensagens : 21
Data de inscrição : 23/04/2009

MensagemAssunto: VA 4:20 by Pan Papason @ On The Move Music 04/09/09   Dom 30 Ago - 7:26

Hollywood 4:20 the full of heat compilation by Pan Papason part of his around the globe series. Pan has put together all those tunes that one can only find in a Jetsetter's DJ bag, rare remixes, silky collaborations and raving numbers as well as all the OTMM's new storming talent!!

Let the party begin!!

First track by Logic Bomb's Jonas joining forces with Mathias from Ibojima to this deliciously psychedelic project "Duotekk". Pan Papason meeting Marko E from Pause for a top notch collaboration where X_Noise's rmx by the Dual Core boys is bringing some pressure on the dancefloor. The GMS rmxs by Antimatter and Ion bringing a new light to those old favs and LMS are doing their thing successfully one more time. Last but not least Nexus, Animalis and Sungirl are showing what OTMM are holding under their sleeve...

Top notch full on trance music that will storm any festival dancefloor and any club's power system. Tracks from all corners of the globe that harmonically blend into a compilation full of powerhouses that will shake any booty on the floor..

Atoms escaping into matter provoking excitement, electrical soundforms piercing through your feelings,evolving oscillators reflecting voltage while the old filters do not stay firm..Come on...dream on... release the child you are still keeping inside, dance like no one is watching, smile to your nearest subwoofer and raise that dust under your feet.....

......THIS IS HOLLYWOOD 4:20...

Listen to the Compilation here


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VA 4:20 by Pan Papason @ On The Move Music 04/09/09
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