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 24/04/2011 HYPNOTIK EUREXPO LYON France

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Número de Mensagens : 33
Data de inscrição : 11/01/2010

MensagemAssunto: 24/04/2011 HYPNOTIK EUREXPO LYON France   Dom 27 Fev - 8:06


Hypnotik is one of France biggest Electronic Dance Music events. The goal is to create the desire to discover the EDM culture on one big manifestation. By mobilizing a large number of actors, DJ’s, producers, VJ’s and designers, Hypnotik aims to put all various facets of this genre in the spotlight.

Room 1 Techno

Dubfire (Ideal Audio, USA)
The Hacker (Goodlife, France)
Len Faki (Figure, Allemagne)
Carlo Lio (Sci+Tec, Canada)
Acid Soda (Elektro System)

Room 2 Electro (Hosted by collectif Art Feast)

Bart B More (BoysNoise rec, Pays-Bas)
Sinden (Domino, Angleterre)
D.I.M. (BoysNoise rec, Allemagne)
Douster ( Bebop,Lyon)
Miso soup (Galacticut, Lyon)
MiiMo (Art Feast , Lyon)
VJ's & Decoration by Wii Skiller Krew (Totaal Rez, Fr)

Room 3 Psytrance (Hosted by Hadra)

For the 4th time, Elekto System and Hadra join hands. This time the psytrance dance floor is hosted in a larger room, where you will be overwhelmed by psychedelic sounds, colourful decoration and a unique atmosphere. Top notch psytrance where Hadra is famous for!
Giuseppe (Parvati records - Danemark )
Protonica (Iono Records – Allemagne) live
Psy Warrior (Mystic Chrysalide , France)
Tristan (Nano Records- Angleterre) live
D_Root (Hadra Records , France ) live
Lunarave - Hadra Records - Grenoble live
REM (Dream & Fly, France)

Team Hadra decoration - Grenoble

Room 4 House & minimal

Italoboyz (Get Physical, Angleterre)
Oliver Huntemann (Systematic, Allemagne)
Sei A (Turbo rec, Angleterre) Live
Luke Abbott (Border Community, Angleterre) Live
Wavesonik (elektro system)
Ph Neutre & Pedro bucarelli (Elektro System)

Eurexpo ///Avenue Louis Blériot 69680 Chassieu
A46 (Rocade Est) Exit Eurexpo Visiteurs
Follow parking P0

From 23h until 7h///Capacité 5000 Happy People
Cloakroom, Free parking, foods, smoking area

Pre sales 27€ - At the door 30€

Our partners :

Dark Dog
Credit Agricole
Radio Scoop

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